About Us

In 2014, CALL IT EVEN from Vienna, Austria introduced their musical appearance to the world, fusing pop-rock vocals with experimental acoustic guitar elements.
3 years later, the band was ready for a change to happen.
A brand new era with a fresh band line up has begun and a different musical path was chosen, with a sound that led the musicians away from acoustic tunes they presented
on their first EP „Fear“, straight to edgy, elemental facets of modern rock.
Inspired and driven by countless influences that our beautiful sick world has to offer, the band quickly knew in which direction they wanted to go.
CALL IT EVEN released their debut album „BEST REVENGE“ in October 2017
– and they‘re eager to get stuck in your head for good...

Call It Even

CALL IT EVEN from Vienna, Austria,
fuse edgy modern rock and alternative elements to dash along a musical path,
that is built on the ambition of creating the perfect sound sweetend with
a lyrical mix of almost sick earnestness but healthy sarcasm,
telling a story that the world out there needs to hear...